Over the last several months your nominating committee has been hard at work speaking to loads of members about their opinions on the AWCD Board and whether they might be interested in volunteering themselves. The committee also requested suggestions from the membership via survey. All that work has come down to this.

We are happy to announce that Andrea Worker, Allison Flanagan, Ashleigh Rizzo, Jenny Lavin, and Margie O’Rourke are continuing on the Board, and we are thrilled that Molly Shibley and Carol Lovelett want to return to the Board. We warmly welcome Brynn LaCount, Judy LaBelle, Amber Liggett, Aileen McGee, and Deb O’Brien-Mandal as they start their terms on the Board.

Please note that we are still recruiting an additional Programs Co-Chair and a VP of Finance. If you can fill one of these positions, please let any board member know!

The Slate

• President: Andrea Worker
• Programs Co-Chairs: Deb O’Brien-Mandal and Still Recruiting
• Activities Co-Chairs: Ashleigh Rizzo and Brynn LaCount
• Communications: Molly Shibley
• Membership: Judy LaBelle
• Treasurer: Allison Flanagan
• FAWCO Representative: Margie O’Rourke
• FAWCO Deputy: Carol Lovelett
• Philanthropy Co-Chairs: Jenny Lavin and Amber Liggett
• Secretary: Aileen McGee
• VP Finance: Rheagan Coffey

You can read the bios of our continuing board members here.

A bit about our new and returning Board members:

Judy Labelle hails from Canada where she completed her MA in nursing. She moved to Ireland in 2020. She was a key part of the Philanthropy team last year when they raised over € 5,050 for ARC. Judy’s creativity and energy will be a real asset as Chairperson of the Membership committee.

Aileen McGee arrived in Dublin last August with her twin teenage boys. She was born in Kildare Village and moved to New York State when she was in primary school. Aileen has made a few other stops, including London, on her way back to Ireland Many of you may have met her at a GNO, the Wine Tasting or Tennis. Her expertise in the arts will lend some new creativity to the Club.

Amber Ligget and family arrived in Ireland from the US more than six years ago. Some of you may have met her at the Saturday Euchre Nights. During the day, she is busy homeschooling her children. Amber nominated Dogs Trust as our charity as she, and her family, are already volunteering with them. AWCD will be able to quickly get involved in this heartwarming organization.

Deb O’Brien-Mandal arrived in Ireland in 2020 and joined the Club last September. Her expertise in the hospitality business and cultural events will bring fresh ideas to the Club. Debra was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and started her career in hospitality in 1982 and from there has travelled the globe from Arizona to Zimbabwe. She now makes her home in Dun Laoghaire with her Irish husband Steve, 2 stepsons and mother-in-law.

Brynn LaCount and family moved to Dublin in August 2022 from Dallas, TX. Brynn has 2 daughters, ages 10 & 7 that keep her very busy and on her toes (literally dancing to Taylor Swift!). Previously in Dallas, she owned her own Charcuterie company. She’s happy to answer any questions about meat & cheese! But now in Dublin, she is trying to take up golf in this beautiful country so she can one day join her husband on the golf course.

Molly Shibley arrived in Dublin from Boston in August 2019 while pregnant. She joined AWCD in May 2021, and since then, she has enjoyed lots of coffee, hillwalks, and nights out. Outside of the club, Molly works in marketing, and she enjoys writing, reading, eating, and spending time outside.

Carol Lovelett is a native New Yorker who travelled within the US and overseas during her career. Her last US residence was in the Seattle area. Having Irish roots, Carol and husband retired to Dublin in 2013. She has been an active Board member in several positions over the past 8 years. Carol enjoys travel, reading, baking, working with AWCD charities and socializing with American and Irish friends.

Rheagan Coffey is originally from Texas but has called Dublin home for over 12 years. She has served on the board in several different positions in the past and now runs her own website design firm. She and her husband have 4 kids, so when she gets a spare moment to herself, she enjoys running, cooking, and drinking coffee in the silence of her car.


The Charity

Dogs Trust logo. Yellow background with black drawing of dogDogs Trust has been working for a better future for dogs and the people who love them since 1891.

When a dog is in distress, we care for them. When a dog needs a home, we find them a loving family. When an owner needs a helping hand (or paw) – or they just can’t cope, we’re ready to step in.

For every dog, for every owner, we’re by their side through thick and thin, throughout their lives. The bond they have is special to us. It changes lives, making each day happier and more complete. It’s why we believe A dog is for life.®

Learn more about Dogs Trust.